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EUROPA SCHULZ will demonstrate to our present Ukrainian partners a European effect of artistic work of Bruno Schulz, one the greatest 20th century artists who was all his life attached to Drohobycz in Ukraine but whose literary and artistic work impressed all Europe contributing to the culture of particular countries by introducing certain elements of the Art unknown in their native cultures. By implementing the project of Europa Schulz just in Ukraine we intend to promote a dialogue of cultures and inspire recognition of each country's culture as well as history of the European nations emphasizing a cultural variety and encouraging the development of new expression forms.

-Project: Europa Schulz will provide for promotion of and encouragement to intercultural dialogue and exchange between European and non-European cultures through individual interpretation of Schulz's artistic work by each country.
-The project will be implemented in Lvov, Drohobycz and Truskawiec at the anniversary of Bruno Schulz birthday from 12 to 20 July 2006.
-Under the Project we will show the latest theatrical and multimedia productions based on Schulz's artistic work and made by the leader of the project, i.e. New Theatre from Łódź (Poland) and its supporting organizers: National Theatre from Szeged (Hungary), Tesinskie Divadlo from the Czech Cieszyn (Czech Republic), and some projects by our partners: Celestine Theatre from Lyon (France), Theatre from Stuttgart (Germany), The Serbian National Theatre from Nowy Sad (Serbia), Woskriesiennija Theatre from Lvov (Ukraine), Theatre of Drama and Alter Theatre from Drohobycz (Ukraine).

We will also hold an international Scientific Conference on SCHULZ VERSUS EUROPE with eminent European experts on Schulz participating in it.
-The location of the Project in Ukraine, in the towns Bruno Schulz was emotionally and artistically attached to throughout his life, will make their citizens, including a young generation studying in their universities, fully realize a role of Europe in cultural integration of its countries but also preserving their own cultural identities - which will certainly shorten Ukraine's distance to the European Union and increase its chance of joining the Union. This will be a value added to the cooperation in European dimensions. It will also provide for long-term effects of the Project in Ukraine.

-The Project will be developed by a Leader, Co-organizers and Partners in their European head offices regularly communicating in order to be able to present it as a whole within 10 days in three Ukrainian towns to the audience of 20.000 Ukrainians.
Bruno Schulz's artistic work is a perfect European Art Machine, as Jerzy Grotowski described it, allowing for practical production and theoretical scientific reflection over the place and role of one's own artistic life and culture in the family of European countries.

- EUROPA SCHULZ Project will offer benefits to the citizens of free Ukraine, including its youngest generation of university students, those who shall shape new Ukraine and become a future partner to the European Union. We assume that over 20.000 people will participate in our Project. Getting experience and coming to an awareness that through mutual actions in the area of Culture and Art, in this particular case the background being the 20th century artistic phenomenon of Bruno Schulz, one may become a citizen of European community, is also an added value to the cooperation in European dimensions.
Project: Europa Schulz - is an interpretation of the World, which was created in various parts of Europe by the author's power of imagination, the World full of feelings, extremely intensive, very specific and rich in references not only of literary nature, seen in his brilliant drawings and literature. The 20th century artistic work of Gombrowicz, Witkacy, Schulz, Kafka changed European Art introducing a touch of contrariness, frenzy, disagreement on the existing reality, a touch of need to tell about their own truths and emotions in so different matter though essentially making up the whole picture of the Space of our times and place in Europe.

They have remained with us, from next generations, exceeding a universal dimension in their Art. A myth of the beginning of birth, the dawn of great life is in Schulz's art one of the most important myths though most vague and shrouded in secrecy at the same time. Similarly, the beginning of the Universe and any existence in general is hidden in inaccessible future. It appears in Schulz's work in a biblical form as a moment in which God - Demiurgos utters His first causative Word. At the dawn of time no divisions exist into God and His Word, a Word and what results from it, i.e. the world, its various objects, then things and their sense in the end. Divisions will come later: thus a stunning physical variety of the reality comes into being accompanied by a language variety with an infinite number of words breaking the original Sense into tiniest particle.

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