CV Krzysztofa Miklaszewskiego (wersja angielska)

Born in Kraków (Cracow) in 1944 Krzysztof Miklaszewski's career has encompassed many areas of the arts. Among many interests he is a theatre critic, film director, actor, script and book writer, also teacher at art and theatre schools. After graduating from Jagellonian University he worked for seven years as an academic assistant. His most important academic publications were on the prose of Bruno Schulz. They were considered to be extremely innovative in their interpretation.

Miklaszewski is recognise today as one of the promoters of cultural changes that took place in Poland in 1970s, known as Młoda Kultura (Young Culture). During this time he was involved in the "open" theatre movement of this period. All activities of Miklaszewski (artistic director of STU Theatre, manager of central student club in Cracow, columnist and co-founder of two "new wave" periodicals: "Student" in Cracow and "Orientacja" in Warsaw) was at the forefront of opening up the intellectual life of the young polish intelligentsia.

He has also been an active theatre critic in both press and television. He was also regarded as one the most controversial theatre critics in Poland (five times he won Polish Theatre Critic Club Award).

In history of Polish TV he has made a mark with the production of two series on theatre: "Faces of Theatre" and "The Anatomy of Performance". The first one, consisting of 50 programmes, concerned actors then (in 1970s and 1980s) unknown, so-called "provincial", now generally popular stars of stage and screen. The second series, which is continiuing to the present day (last film in 2006), is a series a dozen or so televisions films, documentary records of the work of the best theatre directors on a given production, from the first rehearsal to the first night.

"The Anatomy of Performance" has produced, over its thirty years the portraits of Tadeusz Kantor,Andrzej Wajda, Konrad Swinarski, Jerzy Jarocki, Kazimierz Braun amogst others.

Miklaszewski has also been dubbed "Kantor's Man" as he promoted the work of Kantor making over 30. TV programmes (among them 10. documentaries) on the creator of Cricot 2 Theatre, often, on the beginning, against official recommendations. Miklaszewski's "The Cloak- room of Mr Kantor" (1974) is the first Polish film about Kantor Theatre. But on top of that Miklaszewski has been an actor at Cricot 2 and in the space of 15 years (1973 - 1987) he played in nearly two thousand performances in all continents. The fruit of this collaboration with Kantor are seven books (three in foreign languages) and above hundred articles, published in the whole world.

Miklaszewski is the author of over 700 televison programmes (among them 120 documentaries). He has won numerous awards for his work and achievements, the latest of which was production of series about Jewish culture in Poland and memory of Holocaust. Many years he has worked as a teacher and lecturer of higher artistic establishments in Cracow (Academy of Fine Arts, High Drama School) on theory and history of contemporary cinema and theatre. In this capacity he visits with increasing frequency the institutes and higher establishments in forty countries of the world teaching among others Kantor's method of the work with actor. Krzysztof Miklaszewski received also two Golden Screen Awards as well as the three prizes of the president of Polish Television Board and such several special prizes, as Cracow Artistic Award and Kielce Award.

The last one is connected with Miklaszewski's activity on creation Independent Polish Festival of Documentary Forms NURT in Kielce, which was founded by him in 1995 and become one of the most important confrontation of the polish new wave in documentaries production in Poland.

In 2008 Miklaszewski awarded with his film "The Eagle Pharmacy" in Los Angeles (Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award 2008).

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